From an old village bakery to the home of the Sturrus family

BnB 't Ambacht - Boutique Hotel is located on the corner of the Kerkstraat and Hoogtstraat, in the old center of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. The house was originally built in 1907 as the bakery of the van der Wilt family and, as was customary at the time, the baker and his family also lived there.

The old bakery

The bakery was one of the many small shops in the village, in addition to the post office, a shoemaker and several other shops for daily needs.

On November 11, 1971, the Sturrus family bought the old bakery. 

Family Sturrus

Until then, the family lived on their own farm not far from the bakery. They created their home and business in the Hoogtstraat for themselves and their 3 children. They opened a dairy and sold their wares door-to-door on the adjacent streets. They drove around in all types of weather and brought fresh milk, eggs, cheese and custard to the families every day.

Later on, the antiques trade was added. In the living room, not only furniture and jewelry were sold, but also beautiful oil lamps, which were restored by Willemina. They now beautifully illuminate each room.

BnB 't Ambacht

The children grew up and each went their own way. Jan, the eldest son, moved to Vienna in Austria. The roots in the Netherlands had been cut for years. Life brought him back to where he grew up.

The decision to preserve and restore the house came as a surprise to his family. But everyone was and is enthusiastic and the result is impressive. The house has been completely renovated with great attention to detail.

Historical character

Some details still recall the original use of the bakery. In the shop, located on the corner of the BnB, you will imagine yourself back in time, with the original bakery cash register, the breadboards, the many decorations and the tiled floor from the past.

Jan and Nora have also kept the connection with the bakery in the other rooms of the BnB. The name of the baker's son, A. van der Wilt, is still engraved in the wall in the living room, the bakery's clock is in the kitchen and the original oven vault covers the ceiling of one of the bathrooms.

In a Viennese atmosphere

In the decoration of the BnB, a connection has also been made with the Gasthaus Waldtzeile, Jan and Nora's successful restaurant in Vienna. Such as the authentic Viennese 'thonet' chairs in the living room, the tea sets and even the newspaper from Vienna.

We hope you feel as comfortable here as we do and wish you a pleasant stay.

Family Sturrus