Terms and conditions BnB ‘t Ambacht

1. Terms and conditions
The terms and conditions of BnB 't Ambacht apply as soon as the customer concludes an agreement with BnB 't Ambacht, the hospitality business.

The customer is the person who has concluded the agreement with the hospitality business (BnB 't Ambacht / BnB). In these terms and conditions, the term ‘guest’ is used to refer to the customer.

The agreement between the hospitality business and the customer relates to hospitality services to be provided against payment from the customer. The term ‘booking’ is used for agreement.

2. Booking
Conclusion and content of the agreement  

  • An agreement between the BnB and the guest is concluded by means of a digital confirmation (internet/e-mail) of a booking of an accommodation from the current offer of the BnB. The guest who makes the booking must be of legal age. If there is availability, the booking will be confirmed within 24 hours. The BnB reserves the right to refuse a booking without providing any reason.
  • The booking confirmation sent by the BnB contains relevant information for the stay in the BnB. In the interest of a booking and to avoid misunderstandings, the guest is required to immediately verify the correctness and completeness of the booked data upon receiving the booking confirmation and to report any inaccuracies or incompleteness within 24 hours of receiving the booking confirmation of the BnB. If such notification is not made within the set 24 hours, the guest is not entitled to invoke the incompleteness or inaccuracy of the booking confirmation.
  • The reservation value of the agreement is stated in the booking confirmation, which will be paid by the guest in advance of the arrival date.
  • The BnB is obliged to provide the guest with accommodation of the usual quality within the BnB during the agreed period.
3. Cancellation
  • The booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance of the check-in time on the day of arrival (i.e. 2pm on the day of arrival), in accordance with the booking. The deposit will automatically be refunded.
  • If the booking is cancelled within 24 hours before the arrival date or if the agreed services are not used without cancellation, the first night of the booking will be charged.
  • When a booking is made for more than one night and the first night has not been used, the booking will be cancelled after 12pm on the following day. The first night of the booking will be charged.
4. Payment
  • Payment for the booking must be made prior to check-in at the BnB. If payment is not received prior to check-in, it will not be possible to check in and the key to the room will not be handed over.
  • If the booking is made through a third party (i.e. booking.com, bedandbreakfast.nl,...), the payment of the booking to the BnB is made through this party or directly to the BnB.  A direct payment to the BnB must be made in advance via a digital payment method or bank transfer on account NL17 KNAB 0256 5140 62 in the name of BenB ‘t Ambacht stating the booking number or name of the guest and date(s) of stay. Payment must be made before check-in, whereby the transfer has been verifiably realized at the time of check-in.
5. Arrival and check-out time
  • The arrival time of the booking is 2pm. An earlier arrival time is subject to availability. The guest can contact the BnB directly for this.
  • Check-out time is 11am. For an additional amount of €20, the room can be used until 1pm. The option to extend the check-out time is subject to availability.
 6. Breakfast
  • Breakfast is served from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 10am. On Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 11am.
  • The breakfast is served in the living room of the BnB.

7. Housekeeping
If desired, the room can be cleaned daily, with fresh towels provided. The guest can indicate whether the room needs to be cleaned by hanging the housekeeping sign on the door. If the booking is for 4 nights or more, bed linen will be changed every 3 days.

8. Pets
Pets are not allowed in BnB 't Ambacht, with the exception of an official guide dog or assistance dog.

9. Covid-19
In the BnB we use the following measurements:

  • The starting point are the guidelines and recommendations of the RIVM. We assume that guests take their own responsibility regarding the corona measurements.
  • We ask our guests to follow the basic rules:
    • Do you have any symptoms? Stay at home and don't come to the BnB.
    • Keep 1.5m distance.
    • Wash your hands often and thoroughly.
    • Don’t shake hands.
    • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • If the guest is forced to cancel due to government measures in the context of a (worldwide recognized) pandemic that entails a complete ban on travel, we will not apply any cancellation fees.
10. Liability
  • The owner of the BnB and/or people who work for the BnB cannot be held liable for any injury and/or material or immaterial damage that visitors of the BnB may experience.
  • The BnB is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of guest belongings.
  • Lost property items must be handed in at the reception.
  • Lost property items will be kept for 3 months after the item has been found. If the entitled party has not claimed the item within these 3 months, the BnB will acquire the property.
  • If the entitled party claims the item within 3 months, the item can be sent. The entitled party is responsible for the costs incurred for sending the item.
  • It is forbidden to take BnB property outside the building. If you intentionally damage and/or take property belonging to the BnB, you can be held liable for the repair and/or replacement costs.
11. House rules

In the regulations below you will find the house rules that apply within BnB 't Ambacht. The guest is obliged to adhere to the house rules. BnB 't Ambacht is entitled at any time, without notice, to terminate the agreement with the guest if the guest violates the house rules, without refunding the costs incurred.

General rules:
  • In case of a fire, keep calm. Report a fire to reception and/or strike the nearest fire alarm.
  • Leave the building immediately in the event of a general fire alarm.
  • Own food and drinks can only be consumed in the common areas of the BnB.
  • Guests can order food or drinks externally and have them delivered to the BnB. These can only be consumed in the common area of the BnB.
House rules:
  • All instructions from hotel staff, related to house rules, must be followed. Complaints can be reported to the management and reception.
  • The guest is obliged to cooperate with reasonable requests from the hospitality business in the context of its legal obligations regarding, among other things, safety, identification, food safety/hygiene and limitation of nuisance.
  • Check-in is possible from the age of 18. This applies to all guests, unless a parent/guardian is staying with the guest.
  • There are cameras in various places within the building. Everyone who is in the BnB agrees to being recorded. In the event of calamities and/or incidents, these recordings can be shown to third parties as supporting material.
  • It is not allowed to stay in the room with more guest than shown on the booking confirmation (maximum 2, unless family). No visitors are allowed.
  • Gatherings, parties and nuisance are not tolerated. It is prohibited to cause nuisance through loud music, obnoxious behaviour or noise of any kind. Upon discovery, the guest will be asked to leave the BnB, without reimbursement of costs incurred.
  • Smoking, laughing gas, soft drugs and hard drugs are prohibited in the BnB. Both possession and use are not allowed. Upon discovery, the guest will be asked to leave the hotel without reimbursement of costs incurred.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in all guest bedrooms and common areas of the BnB. Failure to obey the non-smoking policy, a charge of € 150,00 will be added to your account.
  • It is forbidden to receive guests in the rooms for the purpose of sexual commercial activities.

BnB 't Ambacht wishes you a pleasant and safe stay.